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Digital marketing is one of the significant factors when it comes to creating an online presence. Search Engine Marketing is a sub-branch of digital marketing that allows websites to get to the top of the first page of the search engine results by using paid advertising.

If you are looking for paid advertisements to boost your website traffic and sales, NextClick Corp. has just the perfect solution for you. Our SEM team is fully equipped to handle any task you hand them. They can help in bringing in profit and lowering your business marketing expenditure.

Google ads help your website to gain instant traffic and provide you with more customers. Most new businesses fail in implementing Google ads campaigns as they lack the expertise and the knowledge of the structure of the online ad. NextClick Corp. ensures that our clients get the best services and manages their Google Ad campaigns with the utmost care.

Our team works on understanding your business needs and does a complete analysis of your industry and competitors. After a complete analysis, our team develops a Google ad campaign strategy. This allows us and our clients to stay in touch with the updates of their ad campaigns.

Our Ad Campaign Process:

NextClick Corp. ensures that your business gets a smart paid marketing campaign. Our Google ad campaign has the following steps:

1. Industry Research:

Our team conducts a complete paid campaign analysis of what your competitors are up to. NextClick Corp. always enforces this step as it allows our clients and our SEM team to have a better idea of handling the whole campaign.

2. Competitor Analysis:

In order to make your Google ad campaign successful, NextClick Corp. makes sure that your competitors and their marketing campaigns are taken into account. Our SEM team does a careful analysis of these campaigns and designs one that is better than your competitors.

3. Keyword Research:

Our search engine marketing team understands the need for having the most searched keywords that allow for effective implementation of our campaigns. We at NextClick Corp. make sure that our clients get highly competitive keywords that will provide the optimum results.

4. Campaign Strategy:


After a complete research and analysis of the competitors, industry and keywords, our team makes a strategy for your campaign that include creating text ads, call ads, and display ads. These ads will help you in getting customers you are looking for your business faster.

Landing Pages Designs:

Our SEM team makes sure that all of the ads and keywords are targeted on relevant landing pages of your website that will make it easier for your customers to understand what you offer and contact you. Our SEM team works closely with the design and development teams to make sure that these pages are designed, keeping the keyword and service in mind, along with making query forms visible.

5. Reporting:

Our SEM team keeps track of all your online ad campaigns and provides our clients with monthly reporting of the status of their website and traffic inflow.

Why Choose & NextClick Corp.?

Our main focus is to increase your sales, boost your business leads and lower your business expenditures. With our Google ad campaign, your website will get,

  • Increased traffic
  • Increased Click-through rate
  • Relevant business customers
  • Data Analysis Reports
  • Increased customers
  • Campaign building
  • Complete Google Ad Management Services
  • Traffic tracking
  • Optimization of Landing pages
  • Unique Keywords for the ad Campaign
  • Complete industry and competitor analysis
  • Decreased expenditures
  • Increased profits

Our Working Process

01. Research Project

02. Find Ideas

03. Start Optimize

04. Reach Target

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